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  • Hidden Job Skills Millennials Have
    by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - November 9, 2018
    Millennials have been the focus of a lot of analysis and discussion in recent years, often to lament their shortcomings and the skills they lack for functioning in society or the workplace. But this generation, raised around technology from day one in a quickly changing world, brings certain skills to the workplace. Whether you’re a hiring manager wondering if a millennial is worth the hire, or if you’re a mille...
  • 5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques You Must Try
    by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - October 9, 2018
    You’ve probably heard it a million times: Personal branding is important to the success of a job search. Why is it so important? Because as a unique job seeker, it helps define you as an individual and makes you stand out as a prime candidate. Must-Try Personal Branding Techniques There are aspects of your background that make you incredibly unique and highly qualified—and your job is to highlight those a...
  • Resume Q&A Am I Lying On My Resume?
    by Robin Schlinger - October 3, 2018
    Q. I know you should never tell lies on a resume, but It never seems to me that I am telling the complete truth. It seems like I’m telling a lie if I simply summarize my early jobs or brag that I met my sales quota when I know that some people did even better or, worst of all, I ask someone else write my resume. Where do you draw the line between the truth and lying? A. I applaud you for wanting to stick to the tru...
  • 3 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume in 2018
    by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - September 10, 2018
    Qualified candidate shortages are leaving employers with vacancies that need to be filled and the question of how to fill them. Meanwhile, job seekers are filled with enthusiasm over the choices and opportunities available. With more than 74%+ of people open to new opportunities in 2018, you’re probably taking a good look at your resume and wondering if it’s as ready as you are for a new job search. If you&rsquo...
  • 7 Surprising Things You Can Put On Your Resume
    by Thea Kelley - August 31, 2018
    Can you put your citizenship on a resume? Testimonials? Hobbies? Independent study? You’d be surprised what information can look good on a resume if it’s handled right. Some experts may suggest restricting information like the following to cover letters only. The problem with that is that cover letters aren’t always read. If you really want the employer to see it, it needs to be on your resume. Can y...
  • Ten Quick Resume Tweaks That Will Improve Your Executive Job Search
    by Barbara Safani - August 27, 2018
    When I’m working with my six- and seven-figure executive clients, I often notice certain resume hiccups that detract from their main message of value when communicating with hiring authorities. By making some easy and subtle yet powerful changes, executive search candidates can frequently accelerate their interactions with decision makers and expedite their searches. Here are my top 10 suggestions. Fix tha...
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn't Working
    by Robin Schlinger - August 15, 2018
    You haven’t sent your resume out. Your resume can only start working for you when you actually send it to prospective employers. If you are trying to please multiple reviewers, anxious about every comma and period, or worried about presenting yourself correctly, you need the objective help of a professional resume writer. You don’t know what employers are looking for. Research the companies and positions...
  • Executive Resume Writing Tip: Slow Down, Go Deep
    by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - August 7, 2018
    This week’s Top Tip for executives reinvigorating their executive resume is to slow down and go deep into your thought archives before writing your critical career story. Without considerable introspection and layers of thought work related to the ultimate goal of preparing a focused, meaningful and compelling story, your resume will fall flat, like a cake without baking powder.
  • Your Resume: Fact or Fiction?
    by Georgia Adamson - August 3, 2018
    Your resume should communicate to prospective employers the value you actually and legitimately have (fact), not embellish unnecessarily, exaggerate or invent value (fiction). Don’t be tempted to “gild the lily” and risk causing yourself possibly major headaches down the road. (Note: According to Urban Dictionary, “gild the lily” represents “a condensation of Shakespeare’s metaphor...
  • How To Be More Hirable - What Every Executive Should Know
    by Louise Garver - August 1, 2018
    The executive job market continues to evolve. Think about it. The intro of social media and LinkedIn are top on the list. But, changes to the executive job market don’t stop there. Explosion of Executive Networks There are many executive networks out there, too. For example, SeniorExecutiveNetwork.com (SEN) and ExecutivesNetwork.com. A growing number of industry networks are online too. Consider Tech...