Jason Garner started out as a flea market parking attendant. His journey to eventually become a Fortune 500 company executive, as the former CEO of Global Music at Live Nation (the world's largest concert promoter), was filled with rock stars and sports legends. He has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Metro, and numerous university newspapers including Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, and NYU.

His book, And I Breathed, gives the reader a backstage pass to his career as a concert promoter with stories of Coldplay, Toby Keith, Jenni Rivera, Enrique Iglesias and boxing champion Julio Cesar Chavez as well as an in-depth look at his studies with Guru Singh, Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Wolfe, Ron Teeguarden and Shaolin Master Wang Bo.

Jason is an entrepreneur, writing a weekly blog that shares the stories and the learning experiences of his life, both former and present. And he consults other entrepreneurs: “I consult for athletes, business executives and entertainers,” he says.