Company Overview
We are a team of seasoned politicos, media pros, creative storytellers, and plugged-in millennials who design and build campaigns that help our clients influence public policy, increase market share + build awareness among audiences that matter most.

In today’s world, no one makes a decision based on only one source of information. We don’t watch just one TV show, check only one blog, or talk to a single friend. Instead we use multiple sources of information across a wide variety of platforms. The same is true for the legislator you want to influence, or the consumer you want to buy your product.

So why are communications firms still selling their services in silos?

At kglobal, we build integrated campaigns that surround your target audience--whether they are legislators or consumers--with the same continuous, coordinated messages. Practically speaking, this means that when your targets open a newspaper, scan their Twitter feed, or run into the head of their local Chamber of Commerce, they will get the same message. Your message. Over and over again.

We like to call it the circle concept. You can call it: the most effective way to be successful.
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