Company Overview
TAI provides engineering, management, and technical services to industry throughout the United States. Our client base is diverse and spans multiple industries. TAI serves more than one-third of Fortune 500’s companies.

TAI was founded in 1989 as a consulting engineering firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. TAI’s introductory corporate focus called for providing quality engineering services to industry.

Throughout TAI’s history, we have expanded our capabilities to fill our clients’ needs. The interdependent manner in which we have integrated these expanded offerings has made our diversity an organizational strength. TAI has extended its capabilities and service offerings in the following ways:

TAI has expanded the engineering disciplines that can be brought to bear for a specific need.
We have broadened our focus of target industries served.
TAI has supplemented our base engineering offering with technical and management services.
We have secured and retained a professional staff with a broad array of experience and abilities.
TAI has expanded geographically through the establishment of branch office and remote work locations.
We have developed additional core competencies within each engineering, management, and technical service discipline.
At TAI, we focus on applying engineering and technical expertise to fulfill our client’s specific needs in an efficient cost-effective manner.
Company Summary
TAI Engineering
Number of Employees
(410) 356-3108
11155 Dolfield Blvd Ste 210
Owings Mills, MD