Company Overview
City Schools is building a portfolio of high-quality school programs to ensure that its 85,000 students experience excellent teaching and learning in every classroom, at every school. This work reflects the priorities of the Board of School Commissioners to ensure
  • High-quality curricula and instruction that increase learning
  • Effective, supported staff
  • High-quality, collaborative work and learning environments
  • Family and community ownership of schools and student success
  • Strong fiscal stewardship and management practices
  • A portfolio of great schools of all types, in all areas of the city

The district monitors progress toward achieving these priorities using several tools:
  • The annual portfolio review looks at school performance within a districtwide perspective that also considers demographic trends, neighborhood needs and school buildings.
  • The School Effectiveness Framework and effectiveness reviews consider schools' performance and progress in the areas of instruction, staff, leadership, vision and engagement.
  • The renewal process ensures that schools with outside operators are adhering to and achieving the goals outlined in their charters or contracts.
  • The Board’s Public Charter Schools Policy - IHB governs the district policy on charter creation and evaluation. It requires annual reporting on fiscal accountability, student performance, and any other matter required pursuant to the charter.
  • The annual school survey ensures that feedback from students, families and school staff is available for use in planning and decision making.
  • Transparent reporting of achievement data and detailed school profiles and school performance plans provide information to school communities and the public to ensure accountability for results.
Company Summary
Baltimore City Public Schools
Number of Employees
(410) 396-8700
200 East North Avenue
Baltimore, MD