Company Overview

BTE’s expertise is human physical performance evaluation and treatment. With offices in the US and Canada, and a worldwide distributor base, BTE has been at the forefront of technology-assisted rehabilitation and physical abilities testing for over 30 years.

Our Rehabilitation Equipment provides advanced evidence-based physical therapy systems for clinics, hospitals, and private practices. BTE’s Workforce Solutions provides employers with superior processes and technology to enable employers to optimize productivity, through lower absenteeism/turnover, improved safety, reduced injuries and claims costs, and measurably increased performance. Our onsite health services are a key driver for client success and ROI.  With BTE, people and companies achieve better outcomes.

Join our passionate, diverse group of talented professionals as we continue to reach new markets with industry leading healthcare products and services.

For more information and exciting news about BTE, visit our website: BTETECH.COM

Company Summary
BTE Technologies, Inc.
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