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  Personal Brand Audit
by Stacey Lane - Apr, 2014
As a career coach, I get a ringside seat to great brands and so-so brands. But so do you - take your experience as a consumer and think about your favorite brands. What's their emotional appeal? Are they quirky? Are they innovative? Are they reliable? The brands that come to my mind: Southwest Airlines is Quirky, Apple is innovative and Maytag is reliable. Now think about your current or past co-workers. Who...
  How to Match Your Personal Brand with Your Resume
by Stacey Lane - Apr, 2014
Jackson was really frustrated with his job search. He knew something was off, but he couldn’t pinpoint it. You might identify with how he assessed his pros and cons related to his job search situation: Pros Great past working relationships. Interesting work history, thread is strategic partnerships and communications. Extensive professional network, but hasn’t been nurtured in past few years. Unusual backg...
  Eight Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand
by Stacey Lane - Feb, 2014
I used to be skeptical about personal brands. They felt contrived and a bit manipulative – and far too self-promotional for my liking. I like to think of myself as discerning – I hate feeling like I’m being sold on anything. I was wrong. Personal branding is just another way of saying that you’re clear about you. Your brand is your authenticity. It’s that simple. What shifted for me is that I see branding as a way to...
  How learning his brand led to new-found confidence... and a job
by Stacey Lane - Jan, 2014
One of the best parts of my job is seeing clients be successful. Especially when their success comes as a bit of a surprise to them - unexpected or unintended success. That's what happened to Rob, one of my Brand You Boot Camp participants. What I love about his story, and why I asked him if I could share it with you, is that Rob was a bit skeptical about personal branding. You know I love a challenge! Rob has a backgr...
  10 Career Change Myths
by Stacey Lane - May, 2007
If you dream about having a different career, but don't act on that dream, you may be operating under the assumption of a career myth. In this article, I expose 10 myths, sayings you've heard before that simply are not true. Let's explore them. Career Myth #1: You can't make a living doing something you really, truly love This is the grand-daddy of career myths, the belief that you can't have a "practical" career doing s...
  Career Coaching: How Does it Work?
by Stacey Lane - May, 2007
Career coaches don't have a magic formula for helping their clients (if we did, we'd be bottling it and making millions!), but why has career coaching received so much press lately? Pick up any magazine and you're likely to see a reference to coaching: Oprah, Redbook, Self, Fast Company, Health, Inc., and many other business magazines. What career coaches do offer their clients is an easier way to career success than if they...
  Great Questions to Ask on an Interview
by Stacey Lane - May, 2007
You've worked hard to get an interview, and now it feels like everything is on the line. What's the best approach to ensure a great interview? Based on my experience working with professionals with varied backgrounds and experience, I'd have to stay that figuring out what to ask on the interview is where many people get stuck. They know they should ask something, but what? During most (if not all) interviews, you will be a...
  Interview Questions: Dos and Don'ts
by Stacey Lane - May, 2007
You've done your research and you've brushed up on recent company developments. You've found out who you'll be interviewing with -- one of the questions you should ask when you're first contacted -- "Who will I be interviewing with?" You've even received a more thorough job description (Nice job -- That's another great question to ask -- "Is a more detailed job description available?") You've studied the organizational...
  Intuition and Your Career; 6 Ways to Harness Your Intuition for Making Career Decisions
by Stacey Lane - May, 2007
Many of us have had a major stumble at some point in our careers. (Okay, well I haven't, but let's just say that I have "a friend" who's made plenty!) Perhaps you made a bad hiring decision, took the wrong job at the wrong time, or trusted the wrong colleague with sensitive information. You had a sense, or a feeling about it, but for whatever reason, you choose to ignore it. Consider these scenarios: You wake up on Mo...
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