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  Have You Compromised Your Values?
by Barbara Giamanco - Jul, 2010
At the core of what I believe about success in life is personal accountability and responsibility. This is certainly true in sales. If you are not hitting quota, have you taken the time to evaluate your own actions, attitudes and beliefs? Or, as so often happens, are you blaming the economy, the local market, your boss, the crappy CRM system that was installed, or maybe the prospective buyer who doesn’t call you back? It is ea...
  How to Fix Six Dysfunctional Social Sales Behaviors
by Barbara Giamanco - Jul, 2010
Utilizing the appropriate social media to tools to improve sales performance represents an investment of time, and depending on the types of tools that you are using, money. A common myth is that social media doesn’t actually work; in terms of driving the sales process forward. It does, IF, you have an open mind, you know what you are doing while participating online and you are very clear about the results you want to achi...
  NextGen Sales: Understanding Social Selling
by Barbara Giamanco - Jun, 2010
There is fair amount of buzz about a concept called “social selling” (often used synonymously with Sales 2.0, a term coined and trademarked by Nigel Edelshain). Certainly some people will argue that sales, particularly B2B sales, has always depended on a sales reps ability to build a relationship with their potential buyer, which could be viewed as a social activity. Since successful selling has always revolved around relation...
  Five Ways to Screw up Your Sales Leads
by Barbara Giamanco - May, 2010
Companies invest sizable chunks of time and money implementing lead generation campaigns that are designed to deliver high potential sales opportunities to their sales force. The idea is that sales activity becomes more focused when reps are responding to qualified leads that have the highest potential for close (as identified by specific factors designed into the led gen campaign). In theory, this is exactly what should happe...
  No Magic Bullet for Sales
by Barbara Giamanco - Jan, 2010
2009 will be a year remembered for many things. Most of them non too positive. Financial meltdowns, rampant greed, thousands put out of work. Fear, negativity, anger and often complete disrespect for other human beings showed up everywhere. For entrepreneurs, it proved tough just trying to make it through, while at the same time companies beat them down on price and strung out the process of paying their bills to boot. Sales o...
  Is it Time to Just Say NO?
by Barbara Giamanco - Nov, 2009
"Most of us are busy, but undisciplined. We are active, but not focused. We are moving, but not always in the right direction." – Jack Canfield In the things they never told me before I became an entrepreneur file is how important it is to be a good steward of time. For most of us, we start our careers working for other people who have a schedule they want us to adhere too. Even though I lived in the world of sales where t...
  I Met 35 Great People
by Barbara Giamanco - Nov, 2009
Last week was a busy week, and WOW, was it ever productive. When is the last time you felt that your networking efforts were truly productive? Networking is an essential element of your overall sales strategy. It is so important to your sales success that it requires some thought as to what you want to accomplish when you are out there. Where most networking approaches tend to fall flat is that people almost always confu...
  Time for a Reboot
by Barbara Giamanco - Nov, 2009
A series of recent events has me thinking about how “stuck” people seem to be in their approaches to situations of all kinds. As human beings, I suppose its part of our hard wiring to resist change, even when presented with information suggesting we move in another direction would be wise. Reminds me of the movie – Groundhog Day. Bill Murray portrays Phil Connors an egotistical TV weatherman faced with living one day in his li...
  Instant Really Isn’t
by Barbara Giamanco - Oct, 2009
Instantaneous: occurring with no delay; “relief was instantaneous”; “instant gratification” It is sooo tempting to want instant. Instant success, instant love, instant cash flow, instant sales, instant weight loss...basically, instant results. It’s human I suppose. We feel pain and then want something – anything – to give us instant relief. Instant is a myth, except perhaps in just one thing. We can instantly decide to c...
  Do You Want Fries With That Burger?
by Barbara Giamanco - Sep, 2009
A conversation earlier today reminds me of what I see as a pervasive, obsessive attitude in our society – a me first, quick fix, I’m so important, gotta have it now mentality. That attitude and short sighted thinking can never lead to building a sales pipeline that leads to closing business consistently month in and month out. Look around the next time you are out in public and notice the couple sitting at a nice restaurant...
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